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Jim Brokenbourgh
Your instructor, Jim Brokenbourgh
Jim is the creator of Artistic Wood Studio; designer, shop manager, 22-year woodworking artisan, a licensed Oregon contractor and local college woodworking instructor.

Artistic Wood Studio offers several workshops throughout the year; workshops involving hands-on participation by students. There will be a maximum of four students to insure full focus on each student and their safety. In classes that are mostly involved with demonstrations, there will be a maximum of eight students. These workshops include the following subjects:

Woodworking I
A hands-on course that covers the basic concepts of woodworking and furniture making. This three evening class is a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practice. This workshop includes general shop safety (with particular attention to the safe use of the table saw). Students will utilize the skills, techniques and tools (both power and hand tools) taught in class in the making of one of three projects. Skills learned will provide a foundation for subsequent furniture making classes.

Woodworking II
An five-evening workshop that is a continuation of the Woodworking I class. This workshop utilizes a combination of hand tools and power tools in the construction of one of three valuable pieces of furniture, using techniques learned in the previous workshop and put to use, along with more advanced techniques introduced in this workshop. These new skills include, mortise and tenon joints, finishing skills, grain matching, and the use of misc. hand planes, learned by the students while making their own beautiful piece of furniture. Woodworking I is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Cabinet-making Fundamentals
This workshop concentrates on techniques used in cabinet making rather than furniture making. There will be one of three projects made in this workshop; a one day workshop featuring techniques such as cutting plywood panels to size, using wood edging, making and applying molding, using a biscuit joiner, using pocket hole jigs and milling for adjustable shelves. This workshop is designed for beginners through intermediate woodworkers. The skills learned in this workshop will aid individuals in many home projects. The project you build may eliminate your need to purchase cabinets or bookshelves. This workshop will provide students with a foundation for more advanced projects kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, bookshelves and more. More advanced skills such as dove tailed drawers and door making will be offered in future classes.

Router 101
The router is one of the most versatile power tools in the woodshop. Many people only know a fraction of what this great tool can do. With the aid of a verity of router bits, jigs and fixtures the router can be used to create mortises, tenons, dadoes, sliding dovetails, raised paneled doors, arched doorways, oval picture frames and more. Most of these techniques will be demonstrated and discussed along with examples of different types of routers and their best use. Time permitting, students will have an opportunity to practice some of these cuts themselves.

Very Basic Woodworking
This workshop is designed for the individual who has thought about whether or not woodworking is right for them and how to learn woodworking safely. This workshop may be the answer for you. Included in this workshop are the basics of using hand and power tools that are used in the woodshop, with the main focus on safety. Each student will have a woodworking instructor at their side to learn hands-on the safe way to use the power tools that you would never use on your own. Each student will use what they have learned to create their own wood-framed mirror. Now is the time to try woodworking; who may just get yourself in the “Hooked-on Wood Club”, like a great number of our students have.

Jigs, Guides and Fixtures
This work shop is for students that have some prior experience with woodworking. Included is the making and use of cross-cut sleds for use on the table saw, feather boards, router and saw guides, a router jig for adjustable shelf pins, a variety of push sticks, a router jig for cutting circles, a circle cutting jig for the band saw, a router guide for making dados, a table saw taper cutting jig and use of a factory made dove tail jig. The use of all these items will be demonstrated and the making of individual jigs will be limited to time restraints. Some jigs will require the correct measurements of the students' table saws, band saws, and routers. All these jigs, guides and fixtures will be valuable assets to your shop, plus improve the quality of your work and your safety.

On occasion, Jim will instruct individuals on various woodworking projects selected by his students. We are open to requests and suggestions.

Woodworking is a dangerous craft! It is also one that depends upon the individual to fully understand its consequences. Ignoring safety practices, using tools improperly, or operating tools under the influence of alcohol or drugs may lead to serious injury. Don't attempt any technique unless you fully understand it. It is our role to provide you with instruction, so rely on us for assistance and guidance. There are no stupid questions you can ask, so please take advantage of our expertise. We will ask you to sign a liability awareness and release form before beginning any workshop.

Students must be 18 years old or older unless accompanied by an adult and approved by the owners of Artistic Wood Studio. All workshops are held in Riddle, Oregon, approximately 20 miles south of Roseburg, Oregon and 49 miles north of Grants Pass, Oregon.

If you have questions or wood like to enroll in one of our available work shops please call us or e-mail us at or call (541) 874-2222.
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